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The Etihad Rail team is creating a national railway network that will serve the UAE’s ever-expanding communities and diversified businesses for generations to come. It is a legacy project that will transform the landscape of transport in the UAE forever, changing the way goods and people move around the country.
The responsibility to create a revolutionary industry and new labour base for the nation – one that will be a benchmark for railway development worldwide – means that Etihad Rail takes a unique approach in developing its people through world-class training and mentorship.

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Supporting National Talent

The National Railway Program extends an opportunity to qualify and train Emirati talent and enable them to lead this vital sector into the future.

Growth of our nation and people

The program constitutes an integrated strategy for the railway sector in the UAE for the coming decades. It includes a national network of railway projects that link the emirates and the key cities of the country.

Making an impact that lasts

By working at Etihad Rail you make a contribution to our nation that lasts. The National Rail Project is part of the Projects of The 50 which is a series of developmental and economic projects that aim to accelerate the UAE’s development for decades to come.

Do work that matters at Etihad Rail

We believe that our people are the future of this great nation and we aim to provide a working culture that fosters passion and dedication, and unlocks individual potential. We are fully dedicated to the UAE Government’s Emiratisation initiative, and have implemented employment, training and development strategies to recruit and develop UAE nationals, ensuring that they become the leaders of tomorrow.

Etihad Rail is actively involved in community engagement and supports the empowerment of Emiratis, enabling them to contribute to the nation’s future development. We have coordinated with ADVETI to establish a three-year programme designed to propel Emirati graduates towards a fulfilling career in transport engineering and management.

We are developing training modules and career development programmes that allow our people to grow and continue being challenged as we create a new transport culture for the UAE together.

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