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Etihad Rail’s transport solutions mean significant benefits for businesses, allowing for more productive use of time and resources, reduced costs, and more efficient asset management. Etihad Rail’s team of experts will work closely with you to develop any number of solutions to meet your business needs with the additional option of having a rail terminal directly linked to your business. Contact Etihad Rail now with your shipping and logistics requirements and their team will advise you on how the Etihad Rail network will meet your freight carriage needs, transforming your business.

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Whether shipping aggregates, consumer goods or perishable food and beverage items, Etihad Rail provides efficient and reliable means to deliver your products whatever their destination.

Listed below are some typical products that can be shipped using the Etihad Rail network. Contact us and provide information about what you are shipping and the Etihad Rail team will work with you to find a customisable rail solution to transport your goods.

Etihad Rail’s network will extend throughout the United Arab Emirates from the border of Saudi Arabia to the Gulf of Oman. The network is ultimately connecting maritime ports and industrial zones across the Emirates. Stage Two will connect the ports of Jebel Ali in Dubai, Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi, ICAD, Zonescorp and Port of Fujairah with the existing line at Ruwais and thence to Ghuweifat, effectively uniting the major industrial ports of the country. Discussions are ongoing with other major ports and industrial areas. The Etihad Rail network will also link with the planned GCC network, crossing borders with the nation’s GCC neighbours. Use the route map below to visualise your shipping options.

Depending on the products or goods being transported, Etihad Rail will ship your cargo using the most efficient and satisfactory means. These include standardized intermodal steel containers; flat-bed wagons; rail gondolas with low-side walls for loose bulk materials; “kwik-drop” hopper wagons with opening doors on the underside to discharge cargo, or temperature-controlled carriages for the transportation of perishable, delicate or temperature-sensitive products. Services can be supplied on a regular-booking basis, or ordered as a one-off booking to suit individual customer requirements.


Etihad Rail offers a turnkey solution for shipping goods anywhere at any time. Included in their services is the option for them to take care of all your import/export handling needs, customs, bonded storage, goods transfers and documentation, etc.