Below you will find Etihad most Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have further questions, please visit the Supplier Registration Page here.

Go to www.etihadrail.ae and click on the Procurement tab. Please note that registration via the web-site is for information purposes only, and those parties interested in a particular proposal or contract will still have to respond to the specific tender invitation in order to be considered.

The pre-qualification procedure for contractors, consultants and suppliers is different for each contract tendered. The registration process is simply to express your interest and become eligible to receive information.

Registration does not mean that you have been approved as a vendor or supplier. If you wish to be considered for a tendered contract that has been publically advertised, then you must make a specific application according to the rules and guidelines set out in the tender invitation.

Etihad Rail provides information on all of its ongoing projects and the types of services and goods procured on their website. However, companies interested in doing business with Etihad Rail have to conduct their own market research to find potential business opportunities for the range of products or services that they offer.

All procurement is carried out using a combination of best local and international practices, while adhering to local laws and guidelines. Methods vary depending on the circumstances, from limited procurement to a public invitation in the media and/or via the Etihad Rail website.

Information regarding public invitations can be found on the Etihad Rail website and, where appropriate, in local and international media as well.

Etihad Rail does not provide customs/tax exemptions that may be available to other industries.

You may introduce your products or services by first ensuring that you are registered via the website, and then by responding to the relevant invitations advertised in the media.

Etihad Rail only meets contractors, consultants, or vendors when a need arises and not upon request. Operational and policy constraints restrict such meetings.

Etihad Rail does not issue Letters of Credit as it is a wholly-owned government company. Payment therefore, follows the usual terms applied throughout the UAE. A performance bond guarantee may be required for larger value contracts, and is usually set at 10% of the awarded contract price

For carrying out business in the UAE, companies are obliged to follow UAE Commercial Law, also known as Business Law which requires local sponsorship.

For carrying out business in the UAE, companies are obliged to follow UAE Commercial Law, also known as Business Law which requires local sponsorship.

The contact person will be whomsoever is specified in the ITT/RFP. It is very important during the tender process that no other form of contact regarding the tender is made with Etihad Rail.

All contracts are subject to the laws of the UAE and otherwise follow the standard terms and conditions that apply throughout the region.

Etihad Rail considers the tendering process strictly confidential and does not publish or otherwise disclose lists of pre-qualified or short listed tenderers.

Etihad Rail is completely opposed to all types of fraud and corruption and any attempt to gain an improper advantage will be dealt with most severely under penalty of law.

Tenders must be submitted in strict accordance with the tender instructions as published. Any deviation from these instructions will void the tender.

It is Etihad Rail’s policy to debrief bidders on the outcomes of their own tender submission but without any reference to other bidders’ submissions

Yes, it is essential to read and follow the instructions in all the documents constituting the request for tenders, including presentations. If anything is unclear, or if you have any questions, please contact Etihad Rail Procurement Department, the details of which are located in the Request for Proposals (RFP) documentation.

Only one person per tenderer can receive the invitation. If this poses a problem, you could create a unique generic e-mail address for correspondence to which a number of personnel can have access.

Your company is solely responsible for adding, editing or removing contact details. You should update the information provided at the time of your registration or at tender stage.

An indicative schedule for awards is normally included within the ITT/RFP. Etihad Rail does not provide information on progress during the evaluation process. If any delays or extensions to the tender review process take place, notifications will be sent to interested parties.

For major contracts, this information is usually published in the media and/or on the Etihad Rail website. For smaller value contracts, the information is not normally disclosed.

You should read the particular ITT/RFP, which will specify how a tender is to be submitted and the instructions must be followed exactly.