The Train
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The UAE’s national railway network is on its way, connecting the nation’s industries and communities for a safer, greener and more prosperous future. Are you ready?


How is the railway going to affect you?

The Etihad Rail network will forever change the way people and goods move, and drive economic growth and social development in the UAE. By linking the UAE’s key centres of population and industry, and the UAE with its GCC neighbours, it will bring urban and peripheral communities together, facilitate trade, and open up communication channels. The network also presents numerous environmental benefits, with a mode of transport that reduces carbon emissions and road congestion.

  • Cross only at designated areas

  • If you see a damaged fence, or any suspicious behavior please contact us

  • If you see the tracks, be safe, and don’t cross the fence line


Each train will be able to carry up

11,000 tonnes

of granulated sulphur,



a load that would require

up to 300 trucks

to transport by road.


Ultimately, the UAE’s national railway network will connect the country to the Arabian Gulf with links to Saudi Arabia and Oman, opening up new trade and journey opportunities.


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We have fenced the railway throughout to protect you, and have provided bridges at regular intervals so that everyone can cross the railway safely.

If you see a damaged fence, or any suspicious behavior please contact us.

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