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Etihad Rail's services will contribute significantly to a number of key development strategies within the UAE. As the railway line connects more areas within the UAE and GCC, various industries and communities will expand as a result. The region will experience more economic, social and cultural growth in the form of new job opportunities, industrial diversification and much more.

By enhancing accessibility, the development of Al Dhafra region in terms of growth in population, tourism activity and industrial activity
By providing an attractive link between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as to the northern Emirates, the development of tourism, in particular expanding the range of opportunities available to international tourists and domestic holiday makers
By providing freight capacity, the development of industrial clusters to support sustainable industrial diversification
By providing rail access to ports on the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea via the GCC railway and Saudi Landbridge, strategic economic resilience in the face of potential disruption to supply lines
By linking the Emirates, and supporting on economic, social and cultural cohesion amongst them as a result of increased accessibility across the UAE
The network will connect urban and remote areas of the UAE, linking centres of population
The creation of employment opportunities in remote communities, and easier access to opportunities in the greater UAE, will bring countless social benefits to local communities contributing to Emaratisation
ER will reduce the overall door-to-door journey time and/or cost for its passengers when compared with the no-rail scenario
Transfer of traffic to ER will mean that there will be less car and truck traffic than there otherwise would be. This means that there will be fewer road traffic accidents.