The success of our rail network relies heavily on the expertise and dedication of our partners. To help us distinguish who is best suited for our current opportunities, please be sure to register.

Registered companies will receive any updates regarding tenders, as well as relevant opportunities that come up.

Etihad Rail is committed to safety. It is our highest priority to ensure that, in everything we do, safety is at the heart of the planning, decision making and execution processes. Etihad Rail will comply with all current, and future, relevant UAE laws. All contractors, consultants and suppliers to Etihad Rail, irrespective of their size or role, will be similarly committed to safety through contractual obligations and requirements. For more information, please refer to Etihad Rail’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement.
Transparency & confidentiality
Etihad Rail will disclose to the public its procurement plans through advertising for expressions of interest and prequalification requests for goods and services, which are to be obtained through public competitive procurement methods. Tender documents will be made available at the same time to all short-listed bidders. Upon receipt of tenders, information related to the examination, clarification, and evaluation of tenders and recommendations concerning awards will not be disclosed to bidders, tenderers or any other persons not officially concerned with this process.
Etihad Rail will strive to encourage competition. Tender documents will clearly define the scope of works, goods or services to be supplied, the rights and obligations of the owner and of contractors, consultants, suppliers, consultants and contractors, and the conditions to be met in order for a tender to be declared responsive. Tender documents will set out fair and non-discriminatory selection criteria for selecting the winning bidder or preferred tender. Standards and technical specifications quoted in tendering documents will promote the broadest possible competition, while assuring the prescribed Etihad Rail’s performance requirements or other requirements for the goods and/or services are met. Specifications may be based on relevant characteristics and/or performance requirements. If it is necessary to quote a brand name or catalogue number of a particular manufacturer to clarify an otherwise incomplete specification, the words “or equivalent” shall be added after such reference, and Etihad Rail will permit the acceptance of tenders for goods that have similar characteristics and that provide performance equivalent to those specified. However, due to the need to ensure interoperability across the GCC countries and the ESCWA Agreement, Etihad Rail has adopted certain European function-based performance standards.
The United Arab Emirates, in accordance with its National Charter 2021, is committed to developing an ambitious and confident nation grounded in its heritage. Emirati Nationals are encouraged and supported to develop their skills and competencies. Whilst the Company will not put requirements in any of its tenders or contracts for a specific percentage of local content, any submissions which do include local content will be received favourably.
Business Conduct
Contractors, consultants, and suppliers must observe the highest ethical standards during the procurement process and during performance of contracts. Accordingly, Etihad Rail may reject a proposal for award if it considers that the recommended contractor, consultant or supplier has engaged in unethical practices (including corrupt, fraudulent or coercive practices) and may declare a firm or company ineligible to be awarded a contract if at any time Etihad Rail determines that the firm or company has engaged in such practices in competing for, or in performing, a contract with Etihad Rail. Contractors, consultants, and suppliers have to declare any potential conflict of interest as soon as it is discovered and report it to Etihad Rail. Contractors, consultants and suppliers shall respect Etihad Rail’s confidentiality obligations as specified in the tender documents.