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Etihad Rail has considered and addressed various important factors in the construction and operation of the railway – including environmental, authoritative and public factors – to ensure the highest quality of facilities and to maintain the smooth flow of traffic as well as wildlife.

For Stage One alone, Etihad Rail constructed 20 over-bridges, two under-bridges and 10 road underpasses, as well as 18 smaller underpasses for future use.

Etihad Rail has built three types of animal crossings: 10 camel underpasses, 22 gazelle underpasses and 78 reptile underpasses in order to minimise disruption of natural habitats. Crossings, including railway bridges, highway bridges and underpasses, are featured continuously along the rail route at a minimum of every six to seven kilmotres.

Etihad Rail is continuing to explore the need for further structures, and is committed to building more as required to ensure minimal environmental impact.