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There are numerous benefits brought about by Etihad Rail . The direct economic benefits delivered by the Etihad Rail network include freight cost savings, business travel time savings, along with other economic remunerations. These economic benefits will support businesses, commuters and other travellers across the region. The project will also contribute to tourism and the wider UAE economy.

Analysis show that the economic benefits that Etihad Rail will bring are shared across all seven Emirates. It will support exports as well as increased inward investment. It will also provide employment opportunities and increase incomes of business and property owners, as well as their employees.

The enhanced connectivity that Etihad Rail will deliver will effectively bring businesses closer together, facilitating more efficient trade, extending geographic markets and making a greater labour force available.

The rail network will ultimately provide services for both freight and passengers, with social benefits including lower cost transportation, faster journeys than highway alternatives and reduced levels of highway traffic.

By offering a time and cost advantage over trucks when compared with the no-rail scenario option for freight transportation, Etihad Rail will attract container and bulk freight demand that is currently transported by trucks. The cost savings made by businesses that transfer their freight via rail will enable them to be more commercially successful and therefore further contribute to economic growth.